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About the Blog

Hi, I am MelaniLazo and welcome to my personal blog!

My love for cooking began when I was still a child.  I remembered when I became obsessed with kitchen tools and equipment. I can also recall the times when I prepare my own food for school. Cooking has really changed my life. It has made me realize the value of health. Plus, I get to enjoy life with the adventures I make in the kitchen. With this, I wanted to share my stories and experiences in cooking with you. Thus, I created Fast Food 2 Fresh Food.

Fast Food 2 Fresh Food is a food blog that provides unique recipes for your everyday cooking. These are not just ordinary recipes. These recipes embrace healthy ingredients that are needed to achieve a healthier and stronger body. The goal of my blog is to help individuals become healthy. Thus, I emphasize organic products, fruits, and vegetables in my recipes.

Apart from healthy recipes, Fast Food 2 Fresh Food also offers cooking tips and lessons, shopping guide, and essential contents about food and cooking.

To know more about my blog and services, please check out my Facebook page.

I would love to be cooking with you!

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