Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Recovery Update-- Back to Blogging Soon!

This is a just a short post to let everyone know that blogging will resume this week!  I'm very excited to start back up after my medical hiatus. 

As some of you saw on the From Fast Food to Fresh Food Facebook Page, I ended up having major surgery this summer/autumn.  I'm finally feeling well enough to slowly start getting back into the groove of things.  It's been such a stressful summer! Between buying a house, selling a house (in process!) and having major surgery, this woman is exhausted!

But stay tuned-- I'm super excited to jump back into cooking again, and that means I get to share some fabulous recipes with all of you! 

From the bottom of my heart, thanks for sticking with me!
                                                                                        - Melanie


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    1. Thanks, Paula-- each day presents new challenges, but overall I can't complain! Taking it day by day and trying to get back to a sense of what is normal. :-) Life is good!