Saturday, July 13, 2013

New House, New Kitchen, and Lots of Stress!

Wow-- has it really been almost a month and a half since I last posted here?  It feels like only days!  As I was writing my last entry, Mizeria, we were in the process of purchasing a new home!  We've lived in the same house for over a decade, and somehow my family managed to accumulate quite a bit of junk!  Plus, the kids are now grown and are in that awkward "transition" phase in their lives where they live in small places and don't want to take their junk with them.  What does that mean for us?   We end up stuck with everything!  Tell me that some of you can relate to that?

Well, over the last two months, we've been cleaning, purging, packing, moving, and re-cleaning, un-packing, re-purging, and making a pitiful attempt to get comfortable in our new house.  Overall, we love our new place, but we just can't get fully unpacked or find our feng shui quite yet.  We're almost there... it will be soon, I think.  And when that happens, I've got the itch to cook again!  I miss cooking so much, and my family does, too!

So, here is my mea culpa..... for dropping off the face of the earth.  This was, in my opinion, the most stressful event of my life!  I can't wait to put this all behind me and come back with a bang!  The new house is much more conducive for entertaining, and I plan to do a lot more experimenting in the kitchen!  It's going to be a lot of fun!  Also, I'm also excited to join back up with my fellow Sunday Supper contributors to come together around the family table for some good food and good conversation.  Hey-- I can do that now because we actually have our table assembled again!  Yeah... we were table-less for a few weeks. 

Again, thanks for hanging in there with me everyone!  If you've been through a move that felt like it wouldn't end, I'd love to hear about it in the comments section.  Hearing your stories always makes me feel better!

Have a great day, and see you soon!

Lucy, our terrier, enjoys the view from our new house! Looks like at least one creature is settled in!