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8 Things to Consider When Buying a Blender

A blender is considered to be one of the must-have essentials in the kitchen. It makes food preparation much easier. It is used to mix foods, puree fruits or make ice shakes of different flavors. In buying a blender, there are things that you should take into consideration. Let us guide you on how to choose the best blenders that meets your needs.

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There are different types and models of blenders available in the market. They have different functions perfect for juicing fruits or even crushing huge ice blocks.

The first type is the personal blender which is perfect for making smoothies-on-the-go and power shakes. There is also the conventional blender which is found in most kitchens. It is best for medium-intensity blending tasks like making milkshakes or fresh fruit smoothies. For high-performance blending capability, hybrid blenders are perfect for you. They have powerful motors and fast-spinning blades perfect for blending large cuts of fruits and huge ice blocks. Lastly, the most recent innovation is the immersion blender which acts like a mixer, blending foods that are in a separate container.


Check the horsepower of the motor of the blender by calculating the wattage of the food blender. Remember, 1 HP is equivalent to 746 watts. If you are into high-intensity blending, we suggest that you get the blender with more HP. Horsepower is advertised on the packaging as “Actual HP” and Peak HP”. To know more about this, check this article.

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Consider additional features that are integrated into the blender. Different brands of blenders offer a wide variety of features like touchscreen controls, timer and more. Choose the features that you really think you need.

Blending Options

Blending options include the speed and the blending variation. Blending speed may be from low to high or 1 to 10. On the other hand, there are blenders that allow you to choose how to blend the mixture – puree, crush, ultra-blend, and smoothie, among others.


The material of the blender jar varies. A glass jar is easy to clean, but it is heavy and fragile. Polycarbonate jars are much lighter and may not break easily, however, it absorbs odor and stains of the blended mixture. Lastly, stainless steel jars are also easy to clean and are much lighter. However, you cannot see the blending inside because it is not transparent or translucent.

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Storage Capacity

Basically, there are small and large blenders. If you want a blender for personal use, choose the small-sized blenders. If you are serving more than 10 persons, then consider buying blenders that are large.


Most especially, check if the price of the blender you are eyeing to buy suits your budget. If you are on a tight budget, buy a blender that has less additional features.


Lastly, blenders in stores may be very attractive. It is important that you check the internet for some helpful reviews that will help you decide before you purchase the blender.

That’s it! We hope that you can find the best blender for you.

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