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12 Most Common Ways to Preserve Food

Food preservation is one of the most important discoveries that have been practiced in the earliest civilizations. It allows the food to last for a period of time, delaying its decay or spoilage. Food preservation is also a very practical way to those who are saving.

Well, here are the most common ways on how to preserve food:


In this method, the food will undergo the process of heating. Once done, they will be placed inside a tight container, usually a canning jar and store them for a period of time. Canning is applicable to fruits, vegetables, and seafood.

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With the use of a refrigerator, freezing is the most accessible way of preserving food. Any types of food – fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, and fish can be placed in the freezer with at least 0°F temperature.


Well, if you do not have a freezer, you can actually just chill the food inside an icebox or any cool place. Cooling slows down the growth of microorganisms that destroy the quality of food.


Salt is very effective in decreasing the number of bacteria which cause food spoilage. The salt can also draw out moisture from meat and fish to preserve its quality.

dry - 12 Most Common Ways to Preserve Food


Drying is the process of dehydrating foods to get rid of moisture. This method is very common everywhere else. Drying can be done in fruits, vegetables, nuts, fishes, and meat, among others.


Wine and yogurt – these are produced through a special process called fermentation. It utilizes good bacteria that fight against bad bacteria that promotes spoilage of food products. The most common products that can be fermented are grape extracts, milk, and meat.

boiling - 12 Most Common Ways to Preserve Food


Boiling is the process of exposing the food product to heat in order to kill existing microbes that may lead to spoilage of food. Milk and water are commonly boiled to kill these harmful microbes.


Sugar is effectively used as a preservative. Sugar draws moisture away from microbes, dehydrates them until they die. Through this, the food is safe from microbial spoilage. Any fruits and vegetables can undergo sugaring.


Pickling makes use of a liquid mixture that promotes longevity to food quality. Most commonly, the mixture is comprised of brine, vinegar, alcohol, and vegetable oil. The most common pickled products are cucumber and corned beef.


One of the earliest forms of food preservation is curing. It makes use of pink salt or curing salt. It then follows the drying and smoking methods. The curing salt speeds up the drying while getting rid of harmful bacteria.


Sealing is another effective way which keeps the food from any access to air. Foods are usually stored inside a plastic and get rids of air before sealing the container. Fat sealing and vacuum sealing are two available means of sealing.


Burial is widely practiced in Asia. The food is stored in a pot or any container and then burned to the ground. Burial keeps the food from light and oxygen sources. It is also cool underneath which inhibits microbe spoilage.

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