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Reasons Why You Should Buy a Food Processor

If you ask any kitchen enthusiast out there why they own a food processor, they will definitely answer you that best food processors make food preparation so much easier! If you spend hours chopping the carrots, shredding the cheese, and slicing the onions, then stop! It’s time for you to buy a food processor. Here is the list of the best five in the market today, thanks to eHome Remedies!

Food processors can handle most of the food preparation tasks. They come in different sizes. A standard food processor consists of an S-shaped blade that does the magic in food preparation. To make it more efficient, you can buy several attachments with varied functions to make your food processor versatile to any food prep needs.


The first primary function of food processors is for chopping. Its S-shape blade spins around and chops items inside the container into small pieces – tomatoes, potatoes, nuts, and onions. The longer the time you run the processor, the smaller they will be.

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There are various slicing blades that slice foods into varied thickness. But the standard food processor can slice foods as you drop them at the top of the food processor. Slicing apples, carrots, cucumbers, eggplant and other vegetables has never been easier now!


If you are planning to make a burger patty, then let the food processor grind the beef. You never know what’s in the ground meat sold in grocery stores. So, just buy whole cuts of chicken, pork, sirloin or whatever you want and grind it yourself.


Probably some of you are complaining of grated “fingernails” and “fingers”. Well, save your fingertips and let the food processor do the grating. The grating disk of the processor can grate a block of cheese, a whole carrot, or potatoes if you want to make hash browns.


If you do not want grated cheese, the food processor can shred instead. The shredding disk can shred cheese and other vegetables smoothly and “longer” if you may prefer. The food processor can do it in just a fraction of time.

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Food processors can effectively puree all sorts of food. There are various attachments available that will make more quality purees. Food processors can transform tomatoes to tomatoes sauce, carrots to carrot juice, chickpeas to hummus, and can make soups.


Some foods may be so huge or hard that you want to turn it into little bits. Well, the food processor can also do it for you. It can handle blocks of ice, almonds, and other kinds of nuts.


If you are tired of mixing various cuts of fruits and vegetables, yogurt and milk, then leave it to the food processor. It can effectively mix any foods without affecting its size or quality, just pure mixing.

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Food processors can also function as a blender. Well, actually it is a blender but more powerful. So if you want to make smoothies, milkshakes, and enjoy health benefits of Pineapple Juice, use the food processor.

Alright! We hope that you are now decided why you need a food processor in your kitchen.

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